• Ben Zbt Adams

    Well who would of thought that Sodium One would be brought in to to world of minecraft by Zeon Blacktooth and Bullhone. As a club leader Zeon is re building the hq for the S1EPIC with in If you have minecraft check out the map but waiting is needed atm as the Hq is swamped by night fall in creepers and zombies.

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  • Cushmanmojo

    Salt shooter trainer

    August 4, 2012 by Cushmanmojo

    The saltshooter trainer is a great way to improve on your skills.

    It well help you improve on speed and aiming skills

    It can be used as a warm up befor hitting the salt flats

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  • Cushmanmojo

    WeLcome to my Wikia

    February 8, 2012 by Cushmanmojo

    This is my wikia page for sodium one elite pilots club.

    The club is the top club of sodium. This club is were you come when you won't to be the best pilot you can be

    The club is about teaching you how to do that. You are having trouble to get past a level we well teach you what you need to know.

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  • SirJake Brookes

    RAF Seven Squadron Sodium One is another pilots club like Elite Pilots of Sodium One which is lead by me HRH Crown Prince of Sodium Prince Jake The Fifth with my psh wife and Co-leader HRH Crown Princess of Sodium Princess Nicoline The Third and Subs Lord CJH180, Lady Tinkerbell--- 198 and Elite Leader Zeon_Blacktooth. I created the club on 17Th March 2011. The club has two other's under me and Nicoline's rule. RAF Guardian Corps & Sodium Lounge. My pilots only join if your in Elite Pilots otherwise join club website and club Facebook page RAF Seven Squadron Sodium One. My club has more detail about it on club website

    Yours Faithfully Squadron Leader Air Marshall and Co-Leader Air-Vice Marshall

    HRH Crown Prince Jake.L.B.So…

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